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1986_CAMEROON_Waza National Park_meeting elephants_relaxing hours_that was the last photo of this trip,
because I had a bad accident in 'East Cameroon' close to the border to 'Central African Republic'_I broke my ankle,
came to a horrible bush-hospital with incomprehensible hygienic conditions_by radio message I reached the
German Embassy_after two bad days staying in that 'hospital' they send a small plane, which picked me up,
took me to Douala_the German and the French Ambassador visited me in the hospital of Douala and in two
days they organized -because I had to lie in the plane- three places in the first class on a Lufthansa-Flight to
Frankfurt and the flight further to BERLIN, where the hospital 'Oskar-Helene-Heim' was waiting for me ... the
Operation took place at Christmas 1986_Jochen A. Hübener

1 Kurzfilm von mir dazu bei YouTube:

44 KAMERUN-Elefanten zu Fuss, Entspannungs-Musik; Motorrad-Unfall, Film-ENDE 1986-40 01.15 04.05.2008

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