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    Introduction   -   english

    Here you will find a description of the longest motorcycle journeys/adventure trips
    that I have taken around the world. Selected photos will give you a first, short
    impression. For those who are interested, I would like to present you my videos.
    I hope you will enjoy it:

                 DVD_Around the WORLD by motorcyclecover of my VIDEO 'around the world by motorcycle'

                  VHS AFRIKA - per Motorrad, Unimog und Rucksackcover of my VIDEO 'AFRICA by motorcycle, Unimog and backpack'  

    The «links» will guide you to other delightful «homepages» or «websites».
    My «website» is dynamic: your experiences, your sent photos, short stories
    and brief accounts may eventually be shown here. For that reason, I must have
    «e-mail», especially with adventure information and/or photos.
    Letters should be sent to:

Jochen A. Hübener, Berlin, GERMANY
   Now, have fun!

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