SAHARA, Savanne, tropischer Regenwald
Deutschland bis Kenia 1987-88

Jochen A. Hübener mot-se-anim

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motorcycle 1987-88 to KENYA and direct LINKS 

PART A 3: by motorcycle
my -second- Africa-trip-motorcycle 'BMW R 80 GS Paris- Dakar', called 'Heinz-Hugo, my so loved BMW-Gummikuh'_on my third big AFRICA-motorcycle-trip_here I could pack my main luggage -for some km- into the landrover ... North- NIGER, winter 1987 / 88
crossing desert SAHARA, savannah and tropical rainwood 1987/88:


AFRICA -by motorcycle, Unimog and backpack
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... meeting a swizz guy with his wife, who travelled with a 'Moto Guzzi' combination, crossing the SAHARA South- North, coming from West-AFRICA_winter 1987 / 88_during my motorcycle trip to KENYA_Jochen A. Hübener ... meeting a nice german guy (a Swabian=ein Schwabe) with tire problems in the middle of the SAHARA_winter 1987 / 88_during my trip to KENYA_Jochen A. Hübener 1987/88_ALGERIA_SAHARA_on one hand dangerous crossing ... alone ...nearly the end ... but on the other hand funny, because I couldn´t move the motorbike straight on in that very deep, very soft SAHARA-sand, I came with much power and the motorcycle suddenly moved around and dug in ... as if by magic_close to that place I had a bad accident some months before_fracture of my collarbone and four ribs, was found by some french photographers and their models and was transported to the oasis 'In Salah' (hospital), leaving back my motorcycle_Jochen A. Hübener 1987/88_NIGER_SAHARA_Jochen meets german travellers with a Landrover and a Hanomag_what a lucky chance 1987/88_Central African Republic_friendly African helped me to fix 3 holes in the tank_between Bouar and Bossembele_heading for Bangui_Jochen A. Hübener 1987/88_CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIK_Bangui_Jochen with BMW meets 2 other crazy german BMW bikers_Alfred and Werner_and the denish girl Iben ... funny days together_Jochen A. Hübener
1988_ZAIRE_difficult riding in tropical rainwood 1987/88_ZAIRE, between Gbadolite and Lisala_here I could rest for hours_seeking for shelter_the rainy season started_Jochen A. Hübener  1988_ZAIRE_upstream the KONGO-ZAIRE-river_in 6 days from LISALA to KISANGANI, former STANLEYVILLE_very adventurous_my motorcycle is on this pontoon_Jochen A. Hübener 1988_ZAIRE_upstream the KONGO-ZAIRE-river_in 6 days from LISALA to KISANGANI, former STANLEYVILLE_very adventurous_picturesque small, long canoes lay against to the pontoons of the boat 1988_ZAIRE_upstream the KONGO-ZAIRE-river_in 6 days from LISALA to KISANGANI, former STANLEYVILLE_very adventurous_Jochen A. Hübener
1988_ ZAIRE_camping in tropical rainforest_difficult to find space_Jochen A. Hübener 1988_UGANDA_reaching the Equator_very, very dangerous ... civil war ... spring 1988_UGANDA_civil war_GUERRILLAS blasted this train, killed many of the armed staff escort in a fight and executed the survived staff members_between Kampala and the border to KENYA_many people died_on the left hand side a good -english- friend, who survived the guerrilla attack_the guerrillas also blocked the close road and shot many car passengers, exactly one day after I had left this unsafe place_2 more photos see 'adventure side' _Jochen A. Hübener 1988_KENYA_reaching the east coast near WATAMU BEACH_the last day_very happy, but during 90 days from Germany to Kenya ... I lost 20 kg ... weight_Jochen A. Hübener

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